Emotion Code

This is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and it works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage. Using muscle testing, we quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions. These are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause anxiety, depression and more unbalanced emotions. They can feel like we’re disconnected from others and block us from feeling love and happiness. Emotions are energy and can exert an influence on our physical body. Releasing these trapped emotions make conditions right for the body to balance itself physically, mentally and emotionally. 



Body Code

The Body Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson & uses the Emotion Code within it. We identify and correct the different imbalances that may cause physical and emotional problems for people.  It deals with what we call the health of the “energy body,” where we release trapped emotional energies (often called emotional baggage) and correct blocked energy in systems like our chakras, meridians and much more. On the physical side, we look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalances in order to provide the best conditions for the body to obtain it’s equilibrium and operate at its optimum.



Eden Method

Eden Energy Medicine™ is a modality that recognizes the subtle energy systems which flow through and around the human body, and deeply affect one’s health and vitality.  Balancing these energy fields can assist the body in moving towards wellness.   Whereas conventional medicine diagnoses and treats symptoms and diseases, Eden Energy Medicine assesses and corrects disturbances in the body’s energies.  I will rebalance these energies & suggest movements and postures that you can do to help balance energies for yourself based on what energy imbalances show up during the session.




Reiki is a Japanese hands-on technique used for deep relaxation & healing. “Healing” is a term used to describe your body going back into harmony and balance, thus allowing your body in all its infinite wisdom to function at its optimal. I use Reiki with EEM as needed.



Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Energy Connections

Are you overwhelmed with life? Frustrated? Irritable? Panicky? These are all reactions to your system(s) being out of balance. Where do you feel your stress? We all react differently. It could be in your throat, chest, stomach or elsewhere. Try to sit quietly and tune in. What or who triggered your stress? We work on clearing the blocks in your subconscious thinking (which is over 90% of our thoughts) and free up room for your energy to flow without emotions of panic, anger, ect. This is the tip of the iceberg! There are many tools to try. And yes, you are unique!



Restore Your Unique Balance 

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint where we are out of balance. As energy practitioners, we assess all your energy systems such as chakras, meridians, electrics, or fight/flight/freeze system. There are many more! We also assess if you have emotional/spiritual blocks and address those from all different times in your life. I use all my modalities when assessing clients and the plan presents itself. Remember, energy is always moving and changing, so I follow what your energies are telling me during our sessions. I will always give you energy methods that you can do for yourself at home!