• Strengthens your Immune system
  • Able to think more clearly
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Improve pain and Inflammation
  • Calm anxiety and Stress
  • Regulate your Hormones
  • Prepare your body before & after surgery
  • Improve overall strength & resiliency
  • Helps insomnia

 We do not diagnose or make promises. We simply balance your energies out so your body can do its job and heal itself! Learn how you can empower yourself by learning Energy Medicine Techniques that will help you daily!


There are so many benefits; it makes your head swim! This includes physical health, mental health and overall well-being!

The human body is simple, yet complicated and in-depth. Unlike allopathic medicine where we tend to separate out body systems, working with one energy system can help many others at the same time. In energy medicine, we bring things into “balance” so the body can function more effectively and simply perform the functions they were meant to. Our bodies have their own natural healing systems. In Energy Medicine, we balance many systems, unblocking and getting your energies moving! This balancing can lead to a decrease in inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, infections, depression, allergies,  faster healing after surgery, just to name a few.

Besides feeling better and using non-invasive techniques, you can learn many of these techniques and do them on yourself. It’s so empowering to be able to help yourself and not always be dependent on others!

Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine, used her techniques to heal herself from Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma and multiple food allergies in her thirties and looks better than ever at 70! It’s not always immediate or easy, but it works! Many times it’s quick and effective. Think about autoimmune illness where the body is fighting against itself. Illness begins first in our energy systems. We need to release these blockages, similar to a blockage in an artery or a vein. If things get all plugged up, the flow gets sluggish and slow and may eventually crawl. For instance, if our Spleen meridian gets clogged, we tend to get sick a lot! You owe it to yourself to get healthy and just feel good all the time!

Some personal successes!

I used a technique on my father to clear his organs before surgery, and used a combination of energy medicine and Reiki in the Recovery Room and immediately upon returning home, with a result of no pain upon awakening. I was amazed, as the surgeon came out and told us he would be in a tremendous amount of pain for the next few days!

I was able to clear a brewing infection after a spider bite using simple Energy Medicine techniques.

Energy medicine enabled a friend to be able to dress herself in the morning and move her arm without pain which she was unable to do for months on pain meds.

Another person was relieved of pain in her thumb after suffering from this for 5 years, after using pain techniques in an energy medicine class.

Another client had minimal pain after shoulder surgery.

It goes on and on! We never promise results, and you should always consult your physician, but what a great addition to help you feel better!