Helping others is my passion.

Allow me to tell you my story. I was in a terrible car accident in college. My head hit the windshield, causing severe neck pain. Years later, the pain persisted and my neck flexibility continued to decline. After I visited a physical therapist who also helped patients with energy work, I could feel this weird energy going in circles in my chest! Once you feel it, there is no going back.  After reading about energy healing I became a Reiki Master, while still working as an RN. Then I found Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book and took her courses. Donna is an amazing person who can see and feel all the subtle energies. After four years of training, I received my Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Certification. I sincerely wish I knew about Energy Work when I started my nursing career. Others, like myself, believe we need to integrate allopathic with alternative medicine. It will truly benefit all!

I’m committed to bringing health and wellness to others using Energy Methods. Many of my clients have experienced pain relief, mental clarity and increased energy levels after just one session. I love, love working with energy and would love to help you too! Let’s explore ways together to balance your unique energy!

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